We are proud to be Main Dealers for Brian James Motor Sport & General Purpose Trailers. 

Place your trust in Brian James Trailers and you are choosing to buy a quality product from one the largest and most respected trailer manufacturers in the UK. Our business is entirely dedicated to serving our customers and to ensuring the trailers we supply are fully compliant with all aspects of legal requirements.

When you buy a Brian James Trailer you can be absolutely certain that it is designed and constructed and tested to the highest possible standards.


NB - All trailers are brand new and prices are subject to VAT unless otherwise stated

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Brian James Trailers

Cargo digger 2 543-0110 (016991)

*CarGo Digger 2 2700kg *2.8m x1.3m...


Product details

A2 Transporter 125-1011

*A2 Transporter 2.7m x 1.8m...


Product details

CarGO Connect

Large choice of Connects in...


Product details

A4 Transporter 125-2223 (015955)july

*A4 Transporter 4m x 2m 2600Kg *Red...


Product details

CarGo Flat Bed 420-4100 (4408) TRE*

CarGo Flat Bed 4.5m x 2.10m 3500KG...


Product details

A4 125-2423 NO VAT

*A4 Transporter 5m x 2m 2600Kg *Red...


Product details

Demo A4 Transporter 125-2313 (4469)TRE*

*A4 Transporter 4.5m x 1.8m...

You Save : £-271

Product details

CarGo Flat Bed 420-3100 (4769)*

CarGo Flat Bed 4m x 2.10m 3500KG 13"...


Product details

Cargo Flatbed 420-5100 (6293)*TRE

CarGo Flat Bed 5m x 2.10m 3500KG Twin...


Product details

CarGo Flat Bed 420-5100 (6292)*TRE

CarGo Flat Bed 5m x 2.10m 3500KG Twin...


Product details

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